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    ABC National: Abalone and other aquaculture industries revitalising WA tourist towns with ‘gold rush food’

  • 15 September 2019

    ABC: Abalone and other aquaculture industries revitalising WA tourist towns with 'gold rush food'

    Western Australia's growing aquaculture industry is revitalising small tourism towns on the state's south coast by providing an alternative to seasonal work.

    Key points:
    Year-round employment now offered by aquaculture in many WA towns is trumping seasonal and tourism-related industries
    The State Government is looking to the sector to help fulfil its promise of 30,000 new regional jobs by 2023-24
    One abalone firm is now the largest employer in Augusta
    Within a decade, aquaculture has become the biggest employer in the seaside communities of Bremer Bay and Augusta.

    Their story reflects the broader aspirations of the industry and the State Government, which is looking to the sector to help fulfil its promise of 30,000 new regional jobs by 2023-24.

    Government stimulus has provided the foundation for the industry's growth, but further private investment is needed to help other coastal communities share the benefits.

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  • The West Australian: Abalone Firm well placed

  • Friday 6 September

    The West Australian: Abalone Firm well placed

    A year since listing on the stock exchange, Augusta’s Ocean-Grown Abalone is going from strength to strength.

    The company reported an annual profit of $2.4 million this year, and completion of important infrastructure work — as well as a pending development in Esperance — has helped the Augusta Boat Harbour-based operator deliver 95 per cent of its products to markets in China and South-East Asia.

    Managing director Brad Adams said the extension of business plans to Esperance and the abalone “ranch” off Flinders Bay positioned the company well.

    “OGA now has all the elements in place for future growth and profit: a new processing facility to handle greater harvest volumes, a new development in the pipeline at Esperance and a substantial increase in abalone biomass at our Flinders Bay Ranch,” he said.

    The company said its new processing facility streamlined production at the boat harbour, making dive operations and harvesting more efficient.

    The financial result would “see the business really grow and bring in revenue” for investors.

    The Esperance plan would develop a separate abalone hatchery and grow-out facility, Mr Adams said. “Subject to satisfactory results in the feasibility study,” Mr Adams said, “achieving all the necessary approvals and with shareholders’ support, the Esperance development is expected to be one of the most significant onshore abalone developments in Australia, in an international marketplace, placing Australian food products in high regard.”

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  • Stockhead TV – 90 secs with Brad Adams

  • April 2019

    Stockhead TV - 90secs with Brad Adams

    Got 90 Seconds? Then listen to Ocean Grown Abalone managing director Brad Adams discuss the company’s expansion plans and growth opportunities.

    Ocean Grown Abalone (ASX:OGA) is a company focused on commercialising abalone found in Australia. In particular, it farms greenlip abalone in what it calls ‘ranches,’ built in Flinders Bay in the Margaret River region in WA. The shellfish is grown on artificial reefs it calls ‘Abitats.’

    The company has a whole heap of activities coming up in 2019, including a launch of an export strategy into South East Asia and a pre-feasibility study of a property it bought in Esperance, WA.

    Stockhead spoke to Ocean Grown Abalone managing director Brad Adams at last week’s Microcaps Conference in Sydney.

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  • Good Food: Max Brearley Article

  • 6 August 2019

    Good Food Article: The taste of luxury: Australia learns to love abalone and black truffle

    .... Second-generation abalone diver Brad Adams pioneered – through Ocean Grown Abalone – taking greenlip spats from an onshore hatchery and ranching them in near-wild conditions. Ranch manager and diver Mark Wall says at any one time there could be more than 2 million abalone on the ocean lease of 413 hectares. Two kilometres out to sea and about 22 metres down, the abalone are in the current, the water pushing through and keeping the abalone fed naturally.

    Australia is one of the largest suppliers of wild abalone in the world, with a reputation for consistency and reliability, says Sydney-based seafood guru John Susman. The ranching, he says, is a really exciting proposition. The Japanese market appreciates the point of difference, he says. The ranched shellfish experience feed and water conditions that may "give them a wild flavour and texture that's kind of unique… it's appreciated in a culinary as much as a visual sense [in Asia]".


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  • Confirming Practical Completion of OGA’s Processing Facility

  • On Friday 31st May, 2019 Ben Heah, Big Ben Builders (BBB) handed over the keys to the new abalone processing facility to Brad Adams, Managing Director, OGA.

    The purpose built and designed processing facility is a single storey seafood and storage facility located at the Augusta Boat Harbour, Western Australia. The new facility will add value to the business increasing capacity, efficiencies and capabilities.

    A site meeting was held at the new purpose-built processing facility on Friday 31st May 2019, ahead of the scheduled completion date, with architects Cameron Chisolm Nickoll, OGA’s Brad Adams and Ian Ricciardi, and Ben Heah, Big Ben Builders. They completed a walk through inspection of the facility and the three parties made plans for the fit out, which will happen over the next 4 weeks.

    “We were impressed with BBB who finished ahead of schedule. BBB employed only Augusta and south west locals and engaged several south west businesses as contractors. OGA will commence the abalone processing fit out this month and should be operational in the coming months. We are looking forward to streamlining our abalone processing capabilities to meet the global demand for our greenlips.” Brad Adams, Managing Director, Ocean Grown Abalone.

    "The OGA Board would like to convey a special thanks to all local businesses involved, Big Ben Builders, CCN architects and ARUP Engineers and all the contractors for their professional approach, attention to detail and quality workmanship, a very impressive building," Ian Ricciardi, Executive Director, OGA.