Harvesting wild abalone using our validated sea ranching technology

Sea Ranching Greenlip Abalone

Using our validated and highly researched sea ranching technology we are creating a new habitat for the abalone where wild abalone abound. Juvenile greenlips are placed in the ocean on our custom built reefs called abitats and left to nature to grow for 2-3 years until they reach a marketable size. They feed and survive in the wild.

Our aquaculture leases in Flinders Bay were carefully selected to ensure our abalone reefs are located in an area that has all the requirements for optimum abalone growth and survival – abundant natural feed, protection from large swells, suitable water temperatures and pristine oceanic water.

The abalone produced from the sea ranch is identical to the highly sought after wild catch product, but has the competitive advantages that aquaculture can provide. OGA can supply to meet market demands to whatever size or product specification the market requires.

Below we have illustrated the 'paddock to plate' harvest story of our sea ranched abalone.