Greenlip abalone

Our ranched abalone

The premium abalone harvested from the OGA sea ranch is recognised as a quality product. Chefs, consumers, food writers and distributors appreciate the quality of OGA’s abalone.

“One of the most amazing things I have ever tasted. It is juicy, tender, tasting of the earth and the ocean. Tasting the abalone in my dish was one of the Gourmet Escape weekend’s cooking highlights.”

Massimo Bottura, Chef Patron, Osteria Francescana and 3 star Michelin chef

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Our Products

IQF - Individually Quick Frozen (Meat)

Traditionally a favourite in the food service sector and now gaining a popular following in retail, frozen abalone meat is easy to use and offers practical logistics. Frozen meat is supplied in bulk and retail packs and is suitable for all markets.

Live abalone

Our ranched greenlip are removed from the pristine ocean and processed in our Augusta facility which is “A” rated by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service for export.

We can export live greenlip abalone to Asia and importantly, we are able to deliver live greenlip to the wet markets in Shenzhen.

Whole frozen in shell

Our ranched greenlip are removed from the pristine ocean and snap frozen within minutes of harvest creating the premium, quality product we are known for.

Where to Buy


Our sales and distribution team are on board to answer all your enquiries about how, what and where to buy and prices.

Ian Ricciardi
e. sales@oceangrown.com.au
m. +61 418 955 583

Ocean Grown Abalone supplies Japan, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, China, USA and Canada.

Health Benefits

Abalone has naturally high levels of nutrients which contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Abalone are high in Omega 3, a good source of iron and a good source of Phosphorous.

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