Ocean Grown Abalone

Ocean Grown Abalone Pty Ltd (OGA) is an aquaculture company that started with an idea to grow Greenlip abalone where wild abalone abounds.


The participants have been researching, developing and inventing abalone ranching technology for close on 20 years.

The OGA “idea” is now the world’s first commercial abalone ranch.

Based on its commitment, innovation and R&D success story, the company has:

  1. Self funded more than $1.2m in research and development of the commercialisation of its abalone sea ranching technology;
  2. Commissioned an independent FRDC funded Curtin University project: Sea ranching trials for commercial production of greenlip abalone in Western Australia, to have its internal research verified and subjected to peer review – a key step in upholding the scientific rigor of the company’s internal research activities;
  3. Attracted $7.5m in investment;
  4. Three patents pending on its sea ranching technology;
  5. Commenced full commercialisation of the world’s first Greenlip abalone ranch;
  6. Continued its commitment to new research in a federally funded FRDC project Investigating critical biological issues for commercial greenlip abalone sea ranching in Flinders Bay, Western Australia; and
  7. Started new research and investment into the viability of developing sea ranching abalone businesses in new locations in Esperance and Port Lincoln.

OGA farms in the pristine waters of Flinders Bay, Augusta, in Western Australia.

View our past and future research here :-

OGA 2015 FRDC Project

OGA FRDC research-report