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    The Seafood Company, Singapore shares some delicious recipes

  • Monday 11 May 2020

    The Seafood Company, Singapore shares some delicious recipes

    Our Two Oceans Abalone distributors in Singapore shares some delicious greenlip abalone recipes which are simple and healthy - the perfect isolation recipe to warm your day!

    Glam up your Porridge with our very own Australian Greenlip Abalone. Simple and easy to make, here's one more option for you to add on to your #stayhome recipe!

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  • The West Australian: Harvest cut at abalone ranch as demand eases

  • Thursday 12th March, 2020

    The West Australian: Harvest cut at abalone ranch as demand eases

    Augusta-based Ocean Grown Abalone has revealed it is harvesting less than half its usual volume, as the world comes to grips with coronavirus.

    Managing director Brad Adams said there would be a deferred harvest, and while abalone remained in the water, they were likely to increase in size and value.

    No diving staff have been retrenched but a small number of casual staff working in the processing facility have been stood down.

    Mr Adams said OGA had just started exporting to China, so the closure of that market had only had a small impact on the business.

    However, the lack of Chinese tourists seeking high-end seafood in other markets had weighed on demand.

    “Coronavirus is hampering sales in the immediate term and we are actively seeking other market opportunities,” he said.

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  • Tuesday 18 February 2020

    Seafood Source: New film aims to counter bias against farmed seafod

    Dongo Films, a Brussels, Belgium-based collective of independent documentary filmmakers, are hoping to raise more than EUR 325,000 (USD 355,700) on public fundraising platform Kickstarter to make a film promoting sustainable aquaculture. Their goal is to reach the ambitious target by 22 March, 2020, which will allow filming to start this summer.

    The film, AquaPioneers, is the brainchild of filmmakers Marjolijn Prins and Mathias Ruelle, working with production manager Heleen Bolle. They are being advised by Marjolijn’s brother, sustainable aquaculture expert Tom Prins, a dealflow manager with venture capital firm Aqua-Spark, based in the Netherlands.

    Their aim is to tell the personal stories of five "aqua-pioneers," who were chosen following conversations with dozens of fish farmers, ocean entrepreneurs, and environmentalists from around the world.

    “When done right, aquaculture has the potential to be a great force of ecological and social good. It can contribute in an extremely positive way to the health and future of our planet,” Marjolijn Prins said.

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  • Video telling OGA’s story for the Australasian Abalone Conference Hobart 2019

  • August 2019

    Video telling OGA's story for the Australasian Abalone Conference Hobart 2019

    Watch OGA's video for the Abalone Conference in Hobart August 2019. Lots of underwater footage showing the abalone on the artificial reefs and the marine life living amongst the sea ranches.

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  • Triple MMM: Esperance the next Abalone Hub of Australia?

  • 6 March 2019

    Triple MMM: Esperance the next Abalone Hub of Australia?

    It may be a couple years in the making but Esperance is taking the first tentative steps towards becoming the abalone hub of Australia. With a community workshop tonight (Wednesday, March 6) at 530 at the Esperance Bay Yacht Club, Esperance residents have an opportunity to provide input and show their support or opposition of the possible new industry.

    Ocean Grown Abalone have been researching and investigating prospective locations across the state and have arrived at a 34 hectare parcel of land opposite the current Esperance Waste Management site at Wylie bay ideal for an onshore abalone hatchery.

    Ocean Grown can move on with a feasibility study of the spot after securing a 12 month lease off the Shire of Esperance, who own the land.

    The industry would provide a huge economic boost to the local community, and the General Manager of Ocean Grown Abalone, Brad Adams, is (fairly) confident the facility’s construction could begin at some stage during 2020.

    He spoke to Sean on the Triple M Esperance Breakfast Show.

    ‘Abalone farming today is very profitable in Australia. I believe we have selected a very suitable location, it’s very close to a town, it’s large enough to scale the business up’

    The size of the business in Esperance is significant, and could be the largest operation in Australia, according to Mr. Adams.

    ‘Stage one we plan to be growing around about 250 tonnes of abalone (per year), plus supplying juvenile seed for our abalone ranches in Augusta and Wylie Bay’

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