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    Good Food: Max Brearley Article

  • 6 August 2019

    Good Food Article: The taste of luxury: Australia learns to love abalone and black truffle

    .... Second-generation abalone diver Brad Adams pioneered – through Ocean Grown Abalone – taking greenlip spats from an onshore hatchery and ranching them in near-wild conditions. Ranch manager and diver Mark Wall says at any one time there could be more than 2 million abalone on the ocean lease of 413 hectares. Two kilometres out to sea and about 22 metres down, the abalone are in the current, the water pushing through and keeping the abalone fed naturally.

    Australia is one of the largest suppliers of wild abalone in the world, with a reputation for consistency and reliability, says Sydney-based seafood guru John Susman. The ranching, he says, is a really exciting proposition. The Japanese market appreciates the point of difference, he says. The ranched shellfish experience feed and water conditions that may "give them a wild flavour and texture that's kind of unique… it's appreciated in a culinary as much as a visual sense [in Asia]".


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  • Confirming Practical Completion of OGA’s Processing Facility

  • On Friday 31st May, 2019 Ben Heah, Big Ben Builders (BBB) handed over the keys to the new abalone processing facility to Brad Adams, Managing Director, OGA.

    The purpose built and designed processing facility is a single storey seafood and storage facility located at the Augusta Boat Harbour, Western Australia. The new facility will add value to the business increasing capacity, efficiencies and capabilities.

    A site meeting was held at the new purpose-built processing facility on Friday 31st May 2019, ahead of the scheduled completion date, with architects Cameron Chisolm Nickoll, OGA’s Brad Adams and Ian Ricciardi, and Ben Heah, Big Ben Builders. They completed a walk through inspection of the facility and the three parties made plans for the fit out, which will happen over the next 4 weeks.

    “We were impressed with BBB who finished ahead of schedule. BBB employed only Augusta and south west locals and engaged several south west businesses as contractors. OGA will commence the abalone processing fit out this month and should be operational in the coming months. We are looking forward to streamlining our abalone processing capabilities to meet the global demand for our greenlips.” Brad Adams, Managing Director, Ocean Grown Abalone.

    "The OGA Board would like to convey a special thanks to all local businesses involved, Big Ben Builders, CCN architects and ARUP Engineers and all the contractors for their professional approach, attention to detail and quality workmanship, a very impressive building," Ian Ricciardi, Executive Director, OGA.

  • OGA employs two south west lads

  • 9 May 2019

    OGA employs two south west lads

    The abalone industry in Augusta continues to grow, with the announcement this month of the latest recruits to join the Ocean Grown Abalone (OGA) team. 

    OGA recently hired two local boys Josh Dorigo and Jack Harrington, from Margaret River and Bunbury respectively.

    The lads are currently doing their dive ticket in Tasmania, paid for by OGA so they can start work on the Augusta abalone ranch upon successful completion of their commercial dive ticket.

    “I’ve always loved the south west and I’ve grown up here diving and exploring the coast. I was so excited when this position came up and to be given the opportunity to complete a dive ticket to work commercially was an added bonus! We are enjoying our time here in Tasmania and I’m looking forward to starting with a great bunch of people in Augusta soon.” Jack said.

    “We are always looking to employ and engage locals first and foremost. OGA is focused on giving back to the local community, one way we do this is by employing local people,” said Brad Adams, OGA Managing Director.

    OGA are expanding their workforce to meet the increase in demand for premium seafood products in Australia and overseas. With the opening of the new processing facility due to happen in June this year and their recent ASX announcement to increase their Flinders Bay lease, the Company is in a real growth phase.

    “Our harvest and production levels are steadily increasing each quarter, with our largest ever harvest for a quarter in December last year at 19.9 tonnes. We are currently seeding our reefs with some 1/2million or so juvenile abalone to take advantage of the optimal growth period over winter. Plenty of work on here as we meet the international demand for our premium product,” added Mr. Adams.

  • Augusta Margaret River Mail – Ocean Grown Abalone to expand Flinders Bay lease to 15,000 abitats

  • 4th January 2019

    Augusta Margaret River Mail - Ocean Grown Abalone to expand Flinders Bay lease to 15,000 abitats

    Ocean Grown Abalone announced on ASX that they have expanded their Flinders Bay lease to 15,000 abitats up from the current lease with 10,000 abitats.

    This will enable the company to increase their maximum capacity to 300 tonnes per annum of premium wild caught greenlip abalone, up from 200 tonnes per annum.

    Also, as part of this release, OGA has announced that they will collaborate with the WA Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development to undertake a scientific research project focused on the growth optimisation of greenlip abalone.

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  • OGA solidifies working partnership with Singapore’s largest seafood company

  • 19 September 2018

    OGA solidifies working partnership with Singapore's largest seafood company

    OGA have solidified a working partnership with Singapore’s largest seafood company, The Seafood Company Pte Ltd, supplying retail, supermarkets, e-commerce and Singapore’s high end restaurant chains and hotels.

    Brad Adams met with the Seafood Company whilst in Hong Kong at the recent Seafood Expo Asia and solidified the partnership.

    They placed a 450kg order, including a variety of our retail ready and food service ready pre-packaged Two Oceans Abalone products, which is due to arrive in Singapore immanently.

    This order will be used to launch our Two Oceans Abalone products in Singapore’s largest supermarket chain and will be used for chef presentations to Singapore’s top end restaurants and hotel chains.

    Both companies are excited about their close working relationship. "We are looking forward to having an ongoing relationship with the Seafood Company, Singapore. Being the largest seafood company in one of our biggest markets, we hope to have a long and fruitful relationship into the future. We look forward to the company's visit to Augusta later this year to show them our abalone sea ranch," said Brad Adams, Managing Director.

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