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    Good Food: Max Brearley Article

  • 6 August 2019

    Good Food Article: The taste of luxury: Australia learns to love abalone and black truffle

    .... Second-generation abalone diver Brad Adams pioneered – through Ocean Grown Abalone – taking greenlip spats from an onshore hatchery and ranching them in near-wild conditions. Ranch manager and diver Mark Wall says at any one time there could be more than 2 million abalone on the ocean lease of 413 hectares. Two kilometres out to sea and about 22 metres down, the abalone are in the current, the water pushing through and keeping the abalone fed naturally.

    Australia is one of the largest suppliers of wild abalone in the world, with a reputation for consistency and reliability, says Sydney-based seafood guru John Susman. The ranching, he says, is a really exciting proposition. The Japanese market appreciates the point of difference, he says. The ranched shellfish experience feed and water conditions that may "give them a wild flavour and texture that's kind of unique… it's appreciated in a culinary as much as a visual sense [in Asia]".


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  • Augusta Margaret River Mail – Ocean Grown Abalone to expand Flinders Bay lease to 15,000 abitats

  • 4th January 2019

    Augusta Margaret River Mail - Ocean Grown Abalone to expand Flinders Bay lease to 15,000 abitats

    Ocean Grown Abalone announced on ASX that they have expanded their Flinders Bay lease to 15,000 abitats up from the current lease with 10,000 abitats.

    This will enable the company to increase their maximum capacity to 300 tonnes per annum of premium wild caught greenlip abalone, up from 200 tonnes per annum.

    Also, as part of this release, OGA has announced that they will collaborate with the WA Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development to undertake a scientific research project focused on the growth optimisation of greenlip abalone.

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  • Noosa News – A sample of WA’s finest served here

  • Friday 15th June 2018

    Noosa News - A sample of WA's finest served here

    Peter Kuruvita is bringing a taste of Margaret River to Noosa. .....

  • The West Australian, Chef champions local produce in series

  • Friday 15th June 2018

    The West Australian, Chef champions local produce in series

    Season two of Peter Kuruvita’s Coastal Kitchen premiers on SBS on Thursday, featuring the Margaret River region across the six-part series.
    The Noosa-based award-winning chef and restaurateur spent a month in the region, sampling food and wine, and meeting with farmers and producers.
    He said his highlights were diving for abalone with Ocean Grown Abalone off the coast of Augusta, and meeting local Aboriginals to hear their stories.
    “Everyone I bumped into was a great character and had an amazing story to tell,” he said.
    “The thing that got me going was the passion and fire in everyone I met.”
    Kuruvita said championing Margaret River’s produce was not only important for tourism, but for residents.

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  • Cuisine and Wine Asia

  • March 2018

    Cuisine and Wine Asia

    OGA abalone featured in Singapore magazine

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