Simple Abalone Recipes

  • OGA releases Two Oceans Abalone recipe booklet

    Under our product Two Oceans Abalone we have just released a Simple Abalone Recipe Booklet which has plenty of recipes in there for you to try - some from renowned chefs such as Samira Damirova from Masterchef and Peter Kuruvita from SBS's Coastal Kitchen as well as other recipes from Japan and China, and some with an Aussie spin!

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  • Ocean Grown Abalone(简称OGA )针对投资者 的演示报告

  • Ocean Grown Abalone(简称OGA )针对投资者 的演示报告

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  • Abalone Ranched by OGA

  • 24th July 2017

    Abalone ranched by Ocean Grown Abalone (OGA)

    This document gives more detail on how the abalone at OGA is developed.

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