Ocean Grown Abalone

Brad Adams

Managing Director
B.App.Sc (Biol). G.Dip(Aqua). MBA

Chef Julien Royer - Two Oceans Abalone (3)

44 year old Brad is a third generation fisherman who has been involved in the abalone industry all his life. Brad’s father Terry founded the Western Australian commercial abalone diving industry in Augusta in the late 1960’s. Brad worked as commercial abalone diver along Western Australia’s rugged south coast for 12 years. He has two younger brothers who still dive the family’s abalone licence. The Adams family passion is all about abalone.

Brad not only has a great deal of knowledge about how abalone live in the wild, but has extensive abalone aquaculture experience. Brad worked in Tasmania for a number of years after completing his Post Graduate degree in Aquaculture where he conducted a lot of the early research on growing abalone in the sea. He was involved in setting up one of Tasmania’s first abalone farms – Tasmanian Tiger Abalone, which later became Cold Gold Abalone, a successful Tasmanian Abalone Aquaculture business. Brad has been actively involved in Abalone Aquaculture Research & Development in Western Australia since 2000.

Brad’s practical abalone fishing and aquaculture background and formal science training is further complemented, adding formal business training to his skill base with the completion of an MBA in 2010. Brad was a director of WAFIC 2009-2011 and Chairman 2011-2013.

“All we are doing is providing sustainable habitat in the best possible location for abalone to thrive naturally – let nature do most of the work, keep it simple and you will have a successful business.
I am very excited by what we are creating in Flinders Bay.”