Ocean Grown Abalone

Committed to Abalone Aquaculture

Ocean Grown Abalone Pty Ltd has developed the worlds first commercial abalone ranching business in the pristine waters of Flinders Bay, Augusta Western Australia. The business model is underpinned by independently verified commercial research that shows that OGA has a very profitable business plan

We purchase juvenile Greenlip Abalone at an average size of 40mm (10grams) from our business partners, 888 Abalone Pty Ltd – a land based abalone hatchery and grow-out facility in Bremer Bay. They are then placed on the artificial abalone reefs we have constructed on our leases for further grow-out to an average harvest size of 130mm (350grams). Nature takes care of the rest – nurturing and feeding the abalone until they are ready for harvest. Our divers tend the reefs protecting the abalone from predators; monitoring growth and stocking density and; planting new abalone on the reefs each year as mature abalone are harvested. The cycle takes just under 3 years.

Eventually we expect to be harvesting around 100 tonnes of this premium product annually from the Flinders Bay site. Future sites around Australia have been identified for future expansion of the technology by OGA.

People who know seafood, especially abalone, have developed this business over a number of years to ensure that the technology that has been developed will produce a premium product that is in high demand by a discerning market. This is a very green, sustainable business. The reefs we build provide habitat for not only abalone we place on them but many other fish. We have a number of other species of fish, which now call our reefs home including: Dhufish, Breaksea Cod, King George Whiting, Wrasse, Skippy, Rankin Cod, Big Eye, Wobbygong and Rock Lobster. This is a testament to the positive environmental impact our abalone reefs provide. We were determined to provide an environment that is the equal of the natural Greenlip Abalone habitat that Augusta is famous for, and we believe we have succeeded.

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