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Green Lip Abalone
the way it should be.

We have developed the worlds first commercial abalone ranch, where hatchery reared juvenile green lip abalone are reared on the artificial reefs that we have purpose built for them in the pristine waters of Flinders Bay. Nature does the rest to provide a premium product.

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Grown and 'hand plucked' from a
natural, safe and sustainable habitat.

Our aquaculture leases in Flinders Bay were carefully selected to ensure that our abalone reefs are located in an area that has all the requirements for optimum abalone growth and survival– abundant natural feed; protection from large swells, suitable water temperatures and pristine oceanic water.

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we make good
chefs look great.

Our simple promise is to deliver premium quality. Ocean Grown Abalone can supply a premium ‘wild-catch’ style product with the competitive advantage of aquaculture production processes. We can supply year round to meet market demands, at whatever size required, to whatever product specifications (live, canned, IQF) the market requires.

Ocean Grown Abalone


Vimeo Video

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